I believe Life is designed for us to
continuously improve
the quality of
who we are, what we do and
​how we live our lives
I'm Kaylus Adams, a wife, daughter and an island girl from The Bahamas. 

I'm in my thirteenth year of providing coaching for making personal and life decisions (life-coaching). 

My clientele comprises two descriptions: 
  1. Men and women (Generation X) who've achieved much success, yet find ourselves unhappy, bored and frustrated wanting something new or more in or for their lives.  
  2. Younger men and woman (Generation Y) desperate to find or create a space where they fit and can thrive. 

My style is a blend of work experience and skills training in coaching, education, curriculum design, human resource management and corporate training and development. 
A Few of The Many Faces I've Worked With
I rarely share this but for years I've been seeing a life coach, Kaylus Adams who's been a great asset in helping me achieve my goals with clarity. 

​Kedar In Style
I invested in myself to become a better person in life and business. Was it easy? Hell no! But I refused to not bet on me. Fear has left and I'm good.

​Smooth Moves Cafe
I credit Kaylus with providing the tools necessary to help me navigate a number of major transitions in my life. Kaylus is worth the investment.

​Personal Concierge
What I appreciate about working with Kaylus is her ability to cut through the predictable excuses and keep you focused on your goal.

The Bookcase

Here's How Coaching With Me Can Help You


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  • If you're  unfocused, we'll work on getting you to reorganize and reprioritize. 


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