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I'm Kaylus Adams, a wife, daughter and an island girl from The Bahamas. 

I'm in my thirteenth year of providing coaching for making personal and life decisions (life-coaching). 

My clientele comprises two descriptions: 
  1. Men and women (Generation X) who lived up to a status quo personal or professional expectation, only years later find ourselves unhappy, bored and frustrated with who they are and where they are in life.  
  2. Younger men and woman (Generation Y) desperate to find a place where they fit or create the space where they can thrive. 

My style is a blend of work experience and skills training in coaching, education, curriculum design, human resource management and corporate training and development. 

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  • If you're  unfocused, we'll work on getting you to reorganize and reprioritize. 
A Few of The Many Faces I've Worked With
I rarely share this but for years I've been seeing a life coach, Kaylus Adams who's been a great asset in helping me achieve my goals with clarity. 

​Kedar In Style
I invested in myself to become a better person in life and business. Was it easy? Hell no! But I refused to not bet on me. Fear has left and I'm good.

​Smooth Moves Cafe
I credit Kaylus with providing the tools necessary to help me navigate a number of major transitions in my life. Kaylus is worth the investment.

​Personal Concierge
What I appreciate about working with Kaylus is her ability to cut through the predictable excuses and keep you focused on your goal.

The Bookcase

Worry and HGTV's Love It or List It

February 22, 2017

Love It or List It is a show I like to watch on HGTV especially for the outcome. Will the home owner love it (the renovations enough to stay in their home) or will they list it (decide to sell their home and buy another)?

The concept to love something or list something can just about apply to anything. In this instances, it is meshed with worry. Yes! Worry!   

How is worry loved? Mainly by entertaining to the extent of believing its unsubstantiated views.
Mainly by letting each moment play out optimistic that at any minute things can turn favorable.  

In my early adulting years' lack of information triggered worry. A natural planner who is organized and overly concerned with details, I needed to change. I came across this paragraph that set me on the path to confidently list my worries and become more and more comfortable with uncertainty.
Excerpt from Better Than Good, Creating a Life You Can't Wait to Live by Best Selling Author Zig Ziglar states; "Wait to worry. I found out I was doing my worrying before I had all the facts; I was free to wait to worry.  As soon as I had all the facts I had all the information I needed to work out a plan.  When you have a plan, you don't have anything to worry about, so I'd stop worrying. I learned to wait to worry."

To not worry is an unlearned behavior. Because worry has so many triggers the unlearning process is an individual journey that many have taken and triumphed, and so can you.

Worry! Will you love it or list it?

To your peace and progress,   



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