I believe Life is designed for us to
continuously improve
the quality of
who we are, what we do and
​how we live our lives

Frequently Asked Questions  About Me

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    Why did you become a coach?
    Every job I've had required me to provide information and hold people accountable. The move to coaching allows me to do the same and more around my passion for personal development.
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    What's the riskiest thing you've ever done?
    Relocated (from home in The Bahamas) to Raleigh North Carolina, USA to attend graduate school. I hadn't researched universities, knew nothing about the area nor what I would study.
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    What's the bravest move you made?
    Rejected my Mother's educational and career suggestions to follow a path I was more interested in and excited about.
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    What's the scariest thing you've ever done?
    Resigned my plush corporate job without 100% certainty about what I would do next. Actually, I did this twice.
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    What's your professional background?
    Hospitality and Tourism Lecturer, Human Resource Administrator, Corporate Trainer and Workshop Coordinator,
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    Where were you educated?
    Florida International University, BSc Hospitality Management North Carolina State University, Master of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
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    What coaching certification do you hold?
    Path Certified Coach APC for Focus and Meaning through Path Coach Institute PCI Immersion Series inclusive of ICF core coaching competencies.
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    What can you share about our personal life?
    I value my relationship with The Most High, my marriage and home life. My personality is ambivert. I read about 6 books per year. I live in The Bahamas, the beautiful country where I was born.