Lifestyle Coach

I believe Life is designed for us to continuously enhance
who we are and what we do
Hire Me as Your Personal Coach
If you feel stuck and unhappy about where you are in life and want to change things up, this session can help you get clarity, organized and moving.  

We begin with big picture coaching to help clients move from uncertainty to decision.

Next, clients get a clear sense of direction that readies them to make changes and steady step-by-step progress.   

Throughout the session, we introduce adaptable strategies to minimize distractions and reduce urges to procrastinate.

Included with your session (links provided in your confirmation e-mail) are:
  1. Pre-assessment
  2. Keepsake worksheets
  3. Post-session exercise

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Direction. Transition. Progress. 
Simplicity. Priorities. Focus.
Success. Change. Results 
Fulfiillment. Meaning. Happiness. 
Hire Me as Your Facilitator
With a cumulative total of over ten years in human resources administration, corporate training and organizational development and vocational education, experience taught me this;  A happy associate makes for a profitable business."

I believe associate development must be equally balanced with upholding policies and procedures. I also believe:  

  • One individual can positively impact service delivery.
  • One individual can positively increase profit margins.
  • One individual can positively influence team performance.

As a coach, consultant or workshop facilitator I especially work with organizations and small businesses to improve two areas:
  1. Team harmony and performance and;
  2. Individual personal and professional growth. 

Please share with me with as many details as you have and either myself or someone from the team will respond. 

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1/2 Day, 1 - 3 Day
Customized Workshop
Leadership & Personal Development Coaching
Hire Me as Your Speaker
As a former hospitality and tourism lecturer, I am no stranger to public speaking. In fact, I really enjoy it and the numerous times I presented at events for companies, conferences, seminars, meetings, and churches.

If you have an event you would like me to consider, please email me with as many details as you have and either myself or someone from the team will respond. 
Popular Topics
  • Work-Life Balance
  • My Life. My Success! 
  • Strategies to Progress
  • Letting Go and Moving Ahead
  • Focused Forward
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If you have something else in mind than what is outlined, send us a message.

Be as clear as possible about how you would like to work with me. 

Suggest also the best time for us to talk.

I would be happy to speak with you.
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