I believe Life is designed for us to
continuously improve
the quality of
who we are, what we do and
​how we live our lives
Hire Me as Your Personal Coach
Our two signature sessions are leveled to help clients get a clear sense of direction, maintain focus and make continuous step-by-step progress toward what their life goals, dreams, and intentions. Both coaching sessions are suited for personal improvement and professional advancement, they include:
  1. Pre-assessment
  2. Keepsake worksheets
  3. Post-session exercise

Direction. Action. Progress. 

Do you feel stuck, frustrated or unhappy about where you are in life and want to change things up a bit but not sure how? Or you're confused about something you want to achieve? 

This clarity driven session is designed to help you figure out what you REALLY  want and identify the necessary steps that'll get you on your way. 
Structure. Focus. Priority. 
Schedule A 60 Minute Session for Clarity, Focus, and Direction
Success. Change. Results 

Do you feel overwhelmed by your big goal or an important task? Do you have numerous thoughts and ideas that you need to layout?  Do you need help putting the how and when to your what?

This intensive brainstorming session helps you pull things together, make sense of it all and jot down a sequential task list.  
Fulfiillment. Joy. Meaning. 
Schedule A 120 Minute Session for Strategy and Organization
Hire Me as Your Development Coach

"If you want  people to do something effective in the workplace,
teach them to do it for their lives." 
Matthew Kelly

We collaborate with small business owners, managers, and team leaders to facilitate customized learning activities based on the needs of their associates and the workplace. 

Among the many benefits of development coaching to organizations, at the top are:
  • Employee satisfaction (and reduce new employment cost)
  • Improved customer experience (and encourage repeat business)
  • Attract and retain good talent (strong market reputation and competitive edge) 
  • Improved communication (opportunities to build of feedback)
  • Cooperation to meet goals

 Organizations and small businesses partner with me for:
  • Private one on one coaching
  • Small group coaching (with teams or departments)
  • Workshops (half or full day)
  • Presentations 
Improved Business Behavour & Confident Leadership
Better Individual Results & Personal Responsibility
Character Development,   
Personal Awareness & Appreciation of Differing Styles
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Hire Me as Your Speaker
As a former hospitality and tourism lecturer, I am no stranger to public speaking. In fact, I really enjoy it and the numerous times I presented at events for companies, conferences, seminars, meetings, and churches.

If you have an event you would like me to consider, please email me with as many details as you have and either myself or someone from the team will respond. 
Popular Topics
  • Work-Life Balance
  • My Life. My Success! 
  • Strategies to Progress
  • Letting Go and Moving Ahead
  • Focused Forward
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